Natalie Joly is a Councillor for the City of St. Albert. Thank you, St. Albert, for your support.

Ian & Linda Harris - ASL, Continuing Education, Educated Voting {City of St. Albert Council Nominations}

When I was 16 or 17 years old, I signed up for my first American Sign Language (ASL) class through St. Albert Further Education

I was the youngest student in those classes by far, but both the instructor and the other students were wonderfully welcoming. Ian and Linda were two of the students that I met in those ASL classes almost 20 years ago. 

When I asked Ian & Linda if they’d consider signing my nomination papers, they asked to take some time to consider what their expectations are for the next council. They like me, but they take voting seriously!

They carefully thought about what their expectations for the next council were before looking at my platform, and they wrote down what they want for St. Albert. After comparing their list with mine, they found that our bullet points matched up almost perfectly. 

Ian and Linda, I have an incredible amount of respect for how seriously you consider your vote. Thank you for taking the time to reflect on your expectations, to review my platform, and for sharing your specific concerns. St. Albert and our next council will benefit from your experience and vision, and the vision of all our engaged residents. 

(Over the next few weeks, I will be thanking the St. Albert electors who have chosen to support me through their signing of my nomination papers.)

Natalie Joly St Albert Council

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