Natalie Joly is a Councillor for the City of St. Albert. Thank you, St. Albert, for your support.

Ray Gibbon Drive - Regional Leadership

This week, the grade 6 students at JJ Nearing asked many excellent questions about civic governance and my campaign. (They were tough questions!) One of the questions mirrored the question that the St. Albert Gazette asked candidates last week:

b) Do you think Ray Gibbon Drive is a priority, and should the city wait for provincial funding or should we consider dipping into city coffers for the expansion?
St. Albert cannot reasonably complete this project on our own without placing a tremendous tax burden on residents. $254.3 million is the 2015 cost estimate for twinning Ray Gibbon Drive, including four required overpasses. As your councillor, I will make it a priority to develop strong relationships with crucial stakeholders and communities to our north to join together in advocacy for this expansion. Our success will be established through the leadership we demonstrate throughout the region.


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