Natalie Joly is a Councillor for the City of St. Albert. Thank you, St. Albert, for your support.

Regular Council Meeting October 15, 2018

Agenda highlights:

Backyard Backyard Hen Pilot Project

We were supposed to hear the pilot project report by October 2018, but this is being moved to the December 10 GPFC meeting. I assume the change is so that we can have a more fluid discussion about how we’d like to move forward.

Idle-fee Bylaw (third reading)

This is consideration of third reading of a bylaw that would prohibit vehicles from idling for more than 3 minutes in any weather conditions, excluding municipal transit services.

Since second reading, Mayor Heron has also proposed that the bylaw only apply above 30C or below -20C, and that public and school transit be limited 10 minutes of idling when it’s >30C or <-20C.

Based on feedback from Council, residents, and school boards, Administration has recommended changes slightly different from Mayor Heron’s motions that would allow transit vehicles (city transit, school busses, busses operated by not-for-profits, etc.) to idle for up to 15 minutes at any temperature, and would allow all vehicles to idle for as long as they need to remove frost/condensation/ice so that the vehicle can be operated safely.

Seniors' Advisory Committee (third reading, $50,000)

We will consider third reading of the Seniors' Advisory Committee bylaw. Thank you to everyone who has written over the last couple weeks to explain their support or non-support for this bylaw. I’ve heard overwhelmingly from residents/seniors/seniors’ advocacy groups that this committee is not required, and I will share many of your comments in debate on Monday.

Styrofoam Recycling

As part of our exploration of waste disposal options, this motion is to direct Administration to look into potential for styrofoam recycling in St. Albert. Our current recycling contractor cannot process styrofoam, but accepting it at the recycling depot might be possible. We don’t know, however, if the process for recycling styrofoam is environmentally conscious or economically viable. Admin has recommended a motion that would direct them to “bring forward by February 28, 2019 options and costs to accept expanded polystyrene at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot to be recycled.”

Reintroducing in Blue Bag Recycling

This fall, glass was removed from the blue bag recycling program because broken glass was regularly contaminating recycling (cardboard, paper, etc.), which meant potential recyclables had to be sent to the landfill. We are still accepting clean glass at the Mike Mitchell recycling depot. This motion is to reintroduce glass into the blue bag program, but Admin is recommending that we instead look into internal uses for glass collected at Mike Mitchell, like for concrete additive, road base, etc.

This is a brief high-level overview of highlights from our meeting agenda, with my personal comments sprinkled in - In no way are my opinions representative of the official direction of council or the City of St. Albert. Please let me know of any typos or errors. As always, I also encourage everyone who is able to tune in the the live-stream of the meeting (3pm here) or attend in-person (3rd floor of St. Albert Place, hang a right getting out of the elevator). You can also register to speak if you have information to present to council. Full agenda packages can be found on the website.

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