Natalie Joly is a Councillor for the City of St. Albert. Thank you, St. Albert, for your support.

Last week + Regular Council Meeting July 3, 2018

Last week

Monday's meeting was our longest yet, even after voting to delay the vote for the cannabis consumption bylaw. (We have two amendments on the table, one to ban all consumption in public places, and one to exempt medical users. I would be interested to hear from residents who live in non-smoking buildings or condo complexes, or who stay in hotels about the impact of a public ban, and from medical users.) The meeting was also well-attended, with a packed gallery:


Agenda Committee: I went! We planned! With two more meetings scheduled before the summer break, we're starting to plan the fall schedule.

Inter-municipal Affairs Committee meeting: All of Council travelled to Morinville for a regular IAC meeting with Sturgeon County. 

Homeland Housing Board meeting: I met with the board in Legal; We're looking forward to residency at our new NorthRidge building starting July 1!

Agenda highlights

Internal Audit Committee recommendation 

The Audit Committee is recommending that, rather than a posting an invitation to tender that is wide in scope, the tender focus on corporate risk management and procurement practices. We'll vote on whether to approve the scope change. 

Residential Permit Parking Program ($?)

Administration is recommending the parking pass pilot programs be discontinued, except for the one on Michener Place near St. Albert High. It looks like the following would be removed from the program: Ellesmere Drive, Eastbourne Close, Marchand Place, Invermere Place, Dunfield Crescent (the street segment from #12 to #54 Dunfield Crescent), Desevigny Place.

Admin is also proposing a policy for a residential permit parking process that specifically excludes areas near high-schools. It is also indicated that any new program would need funding, but we're unsure how much funding would be required. We expect to be $6,500 under-budget for the pilot program, and it's being recommended this be put towards start-up costs involved in a new program. I'm sure there will be a few questions from Council on this one. These are the proposed eligible locations for the program:

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.54.18 PM.png

Commercial areas on Bellerose Drive & IInglewood Drive

This is the second/third readings for a bylaw I mentioned a couple weeks ago "that would allow a mini-storage area behind some of the homes on Ironwood Drive, and change a small portion of the land, just across the street from Second Cup/away from residential to "Commercial Corridor". Admin has prepared a presentation that gives an overview of the proposals."

Exemption for St. Albert Utility Billing

Earlier this year, Council voted to charge utility users for the cost of mailing their bills should they choose not to receive their bills online. (This will save taxpayers an estimated $226,134 once we move to monthly billing next year.) This motion is to waive the $12.24/year mail fee for those who self-identify as not having internet access. (Register now for e-billing:

This is a brief high-level overview of highlights from our meeting agenda, with my personal comments sprinkled in - In no way are my opinions representative of the official direction of council or the City of St. Albert. Please let me know of any typos or errors. As always, I also encourage everyone who is able to tune in the the live-stream of the meeting (3pm here) or attend in-person (3rd floor of St. Albert Place, hang a right getting out of the elevator). You can also register to speak if you have information to present to council. Full agenda packages can be found on the website.

Last week + Regular Council Meeting July 9, 2018

Last week + Regular Council Meeting June 25, 2018